Valcrep International is planning to market 3 different equipment based on the technology of the anti-oxidation and the anti-deterioration.


  1. A sommelier of few words, Anti-Oxidant Cellar Server VinoLungo 

Even if you are a good sommelier, it would not be easy to serve wine with best condition with suitable temperature and air inclusion.

VinoLungo is a server which can keep 2 bottles of Wine, Sake, or others flesh for 4 weeks and serve any time you want , any volume you like.

To keep opened Wine or /and Sake for flesh for a long period, there are 3 important points to be satisfied.

(1) little as possible O2 and CO2 in the bottle

(2)stable low temperature without oscillation

(3)no contamination of bacteria and the growth inhibition

and to enjoy them deliciously, poured into a glass with

(1)suitable temperature by each variety


VinoLungo satisfy all of them.


2.  Anti-oxidant food box foodLungo(under development)  

Keep foods fresh as harvested by purity Nitrogen gas.


3.  Anti-oxidant medical storage box

To extend the lifecycle of the organs for transplantation minimizing cell destruction.


The latest news

  • VinoLungo used for demo. for Sales 1unit
  • Introduced VinoLungo for 8min. in the popular TV program
  • Exhibited VinoLungo at Wine & Gourmet Japan 2018
  • Introduced VinoLungo at Chinese TV program of 中国中央電視台
  • Introduced Miyabi and VinoLungo at Wine Kingdom Vol 105

  • Introduced French family with VinoLungo at Winart No.90